Mari Ishikawa

Solo Exhibition | 20.August – 5.September 2021 | gallery deux poissons, 2-3-6, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

gallery deux poisson is pleased to present MARI ISHIKAWA’s solo exhibition, (UN)LOCKED.
Munich-based jeweler MARI ISHIKAWA captures the beauty of fleeting moments in everyday life
and visualizes them as jewelry, giving us the opportunity to recognize the many moments we miss.
„If you don’t try to see it, you won’t see it; it’s only when you try that you begin to see it.”
We resonate with the idea behind MARI ISHIKAWA jewelry.
In today’s world where we tend to forget to look carefully at things, the act of noticing can lead to a
deeper interest and joy in life.
When we realize that the days of stagnation are not forever, and that there is precious beauty lurking
in the present moment, holding on to hope, the way is already open and change has already begun.
„This work is based on our current situation. I hope that we can break through the blockage.
There is no such thing as an endless night.”
(UN)LOCKED is based on a key that was actually used in Germany.
The small but solid presence of a key that has opened doors many times, densely clad in crimson and
jet black, is captivating in its symbolic appearance.
In this exhibition, we will be focusing on the new (UN)LOCKED neckpieces, and will also be
showing works that embody the fantastic world view of MARI ISHIKAWA’s main work, using
natural objects as motifs.