Mari Ishikawa

Mari Ishikawa + Mikiko Minewaki + Sayumi Yokouchi | 22.February – 27.February 2021 | Soft Opening with Mari Ishikawa 22.January 2021 14:00-18:00 + 23.January 2021 14:00-18:00 | Micheko Galerie, Theresienstrasse 18 | 80333 Munich

INVISIBLE THREAD is an exhibition by a group of artists, Mari Ishikawa, Mikiko Minewaki
and Sayumi Yokouchi who come from very different places and minds, sharing their interests
and unique visions through the notion of contemporary jewelry. They continue to challenge
themselves to explore subjects such as jewelry, human, nature and complexity of everyday life.
The highlight of this exhibition is a collaboration between the three artists and Rui Minewaki
who is a Senryu poetry artist and has been practicing in Japan for over 40 years.
Senryu is a form of short poetry similar to Haiku, usually referencing the aspect of human
nature and emotions based on the theme of our living „now“ in construction of three lines with
Each artist responded to Rui’s Senryu by making a set of new work. The words by Rui are
metaphorically revealed by artists hands while the meaning of the words travels through the
invisible thread.